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Having respect for your classmates is a good thing, but don't revere them too much.

One of the habits you can create that helps get rid of nerves and allows you to do your best work under pressure is to value every acting experience equally.

As an actor, you're your own business.  When you're going to meet an industry professional, find out all you can before the meeting.

When you start to see tangible proof of the value of something that is the time to invest more in it.

Honest conversations to determine if your relationship is supporting or hindering your acting career.

Owning your niche

If you're a specific type, be fully prepared to own that niche.

Learn to put your attention somewhere else than on yourself.

Know the boundary between overfamiliarity and professional courtesy.

Sexism in the acting industry is a huge topic and takes a lot of time to discuss.  It can also be really complicated.  It's not as simple as "standing your ground."  If you want to have a career and not be a victim of sexism, you'll have to chart your way through complicated waters.

If you've ever felt intimidated by the actor who walks in exhibiting that "I already know these people" air, let it go.  Regardless of how they might come across, the actors who you find intimidating are possibly terribly insecure.  You can beat those feelings inside of yourself by calmly knowing you're the best in the room.  But you have to become the best in the room.

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